shoulder treatment

Until it is injured most people don’t realize how important the shoulder is to their everyday activities. It has the greatest range of motion of any joint in the body and needs to have the right balance of strength, flexibility and stability to prevent pain and injury. Specialized expertise is often needed to repair damage or undo previous failed surgeries.

should I consider shoulder surgery?

Shoulder surgery can be complex and our shoulder expert, Dr. Damion Harris, has had additional training in shoulder surgeries including shoulder replacement surgery, also called shoulder arthroplasty, that is a successful, pain-relieving option for many people.

reverse shoulder arthroplasty

In addition to regular shoulder replacement, Dr. Harris is specially trained to perform reverse shoulder arthroplasty.  This surgical procedure is often used for people who have shoulder arthritis coupled with an irreparable rotator cuff tear or those with very complex shoulder problems, including previous failed surgical treatments.